Youth Swim Lessons

Swim lesson are back and registration is now open! This 7 week session will run from the week of September 13th through October 30th. Register now using the drop-down menus below!

The Y believes the ability to swim is a critical life skill for every child, teen and adult. Our experienced swim instructors teach the nationally recognized Y Progressive Swim Program with a focus on personal safety, stroke development and rescue techniques. Our swim lesson design encourages positive values and promotes growth in a fun and caring atmosphere.

By educating and partnering with parents and families, we are determined to prevent water accidents in our community.

Pre-registration by level is required. To schedule a swim evaluation to ensure your child starts at the appropriate level, contact Jess Lukas, Aquatics Director, at 802-652-8143 or

First Plunge- Swim Lessons for ages 6 months to 3 years

SKI, Perch, Perch Plus and Parent Pike (see below) are introductory classes that use the bond between caregiver and child to create a safe and welcoming environment. These classes focus on comfort, balance and movement and are designed to allow the children to have fun in the water while caregivers guide them through skills such as bubble blowing, kicking, paddling and jumping. Games and songs are used to create a fun atmosphere and help children feel comfortable in the pool. One adult must accompany each child in the water. Children that are not potty trained must wear a proper swim diaper. There is no swim lesson evaluation required; please register by age. All classes are 30 minutes long.

Shrimp/Kipper/Inia (6-18 months)


For children from 6 to 18 months, this class introduces parents and their infants to the pool and allows beginning swimmers to progress from water adjustment to basic skills. Instruction helps parents work with their children and focuses upon creating a fun time for parents and children through water games, songs and basic movements.




Perch (19-36 months) 


This class continues to provide the highest quality of early water experiences for children from 19 months to 36 months.  Children will work towards swimming independently with support from both the instructor and their caregiver while continuing to develop safety skills and early swimming skills through games, song and playful instruction.




Perch Plus (29-36 months)


For children from 29-36 months, Perch Plus is for children that have completed one season of Perch. Caregivers remain in the water with children as instructors work towards preparing children for Parent Pike or even Pike 1. This class is for our more advanced, younger swimmers who are demonstrating bubble blowing skills and swimming independently with flotation and limited caregiver support.





Parent Pike (3-5 years)


This transitional class is for children who are not ready to be without an adult caregiver in the water and introduces skills to the child and adult together. By graduation day the caregiver is out of the water and children are comfortable on their own. One adult must accompany each child.


Gaining Confidence- Swim Lessons for Ages 3-5 years

Our pre-school age swim lessons encourage comfort and independence in the water through skills, games and fun. Children learn safe pool behavior and adjust to the aquatic environment with various, provided flotation aids. Parents are encouraged to be a support, but are not present in the water. Each class is 30 minutes long.

Pike 1 (3-5 years)


Children are introduced to their first experience swimming without a parent. Instructors work with children to teach independence and confidence in the water through basic swim skills and safety.




Pike 2 (3-5 years)


After graduating Pike 1, instructors continue to work with swimmers on independence and confidence in the water. Stroke development concepts are introduced, and less flotation is used as a Pike 2.





Eel (3-5 years)


Instructors focus on stroke development, endurance, independence and confidence. Children must be comfortable on their back and putting their face in the water while swimming.





 Ray/Starfish (3-5 years)

starfish_prpl_rgb_pngInstructors continue stroke development work, as well as proper breathing techniques. Timing of arm & leg movements are introduced.


Safe and Active Future -- Swim Lessons for Ages 6-16 years

Our school-age swim lessons are designed to encourage comfort and independence in the water through skill building, games and fun. The higher-level classes offer an athletic fitness element. These lessons are 45 minutes long.


Polliwog (6-9 years)


Polliwog instructors focus on the basics of kicking, arm motions, breathing, floating and safety with beginner swimmers.






Guppy (6-10 years)


Our guppies begin to transition from the program pool into the lap pool. They begin rhythmic breathing, refine their backstroke, build endurance, learn safety skills all while having fun.






Minnow (8-12 years)

Minnows work on refining strokes, building endurance and begin diving. Minnows should be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke and elementary backstroke.




Fish (9-16 years)


Fish instructors work with swimmers to refine strokes, increase endurance and introduce butterfly, open turns and survival floating.






Flying Fish/Shark (9-16 years)


Flying fish and shark instructors continue working on stroke development and stamina building to work towards completing 100 yards of front crawl, backstroke, butterfly and breast stroke. A focus on water safety is maintained as flying fish and sharks are becoming young adults who might be thinking about jobs as swim instructors and life guards.





Porpoise Club (12-18 years)

Through providing intensive stroke development and various leadership opportunities, participants have the unique chance to improve their swimming while developing important Safety and Leadership skills along the way! Participants in Porpoise Club will learn more about aquatic safety, as well as become more confident and knowledgeable in their swimming. This 7-week, non-competitive swim club is a skills-intensive group for ages 12 and older.



Adaptive Lessons

Individual 30-minute lessons for people with physical or developmental needs. Students work one-on-one with an instructor. The application below must be completed two weeks prior to lesson start date. Contact Jess Lukas by email at or by phone at 802-652-8143 for more information.

Cost:$30 per lesson for Members and Non-Members



Private & Small Group Lessons

Enjoy a one-on-one, personalized swim lesson with a qualified instructor no matter what your age! Your swim instructor will cater the lessons to specifically meet your needs and goals. Each lessons last 30 minutes. To see the schedule of available private lesson times, click here.

Private Lessons

Sessions Member Non-Member
1 Session $37 $57
3 Sessions $96 $161
6 Sessions $176 $306
8 Sessions $210 $384

To register for private lessons, click here.

Group Lessons (2-5 Youth)

More comfortable with the small group atmosphere for swim instruction for the child(ren) in your life, make arrangements to be a part of a small group lesson that will have between 2 and 5 kids.
To see pricing, available days/times, and to register, click here.


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