Preschool Lessons

Gaining Confidence

Swim Lessons for ages 3-5 years

Our preschool age swim lessons encourage comfort and independence in the water through skills, games, and fun. Children learn safe pool behavior and adjust to the aquatic environment with various, provided flotation aids. Caregivers are encouraged to be a support, but are not present in the water. Each class is 30 minutes long.

Early Spring session (7 weeks) runs March 6 – April 23. Member registration opens February 13, Non-Member registration opens February 20.

Spring session (7 weeks) runs from May 1 – June 18. Member registration opens April 10, Non-Member registration opens April 17.

Pike 1

Children are introduced to their first experience swimming without a caregiver. Instructors work with children to teach independence and confidence in the water through basic swim skills and safety. This class is the starting point for our traditional swim lesson program for children who have never had swim lessons and/or are hesitant in the water.

Pike 2

Instructors continue to work with swimmers on independence and confidence in the water. Stroke development concepts are continued with front and back paddles, and less flotation and assistance are used. Pike 2 swimmers should be able to paddle on their front and back float with assistance, as well as blow bubbles and be willing to jump with assistance. 


Instructors focus on stroke development, endurance, independence, and confidence. Eel swimmers can paddle on their front and their back for 10 yards while using flotation, jump with assistance, and are willing to put their entire faces in the water.


Instructors continue stroke development work, as well as proper breathing techniques. Timing of arm and leg movements is introduced for front and back strokes.  Ray/Starfish swimmers can swim on their front and back without assistance for 15 feet, as well as backfloat and jump without help.