Impact in Action 

There are many ways one can try to capture what happens at the Y each day, none of which quite seems complete. Yet, each fact, each message shared by a member or child care family, each glimpse into a life impacted, tells a story. 

A child nurtured in a Y early child care program today becomes a confident, caring, and connected community member. A student-teacher mentored at the Y through our Lab School partnership with UVM is a future role model. A child who took a water safety class or swim lesson will enjoy, not fear, Vermont’s beautiful lakes, river, and streams. A member who has found a fitness routine today sets themselves up for a more active, vibrant, and connected life.  

The Y has been a haven of so many good things over the past 2 years. Continuity + stability . . . a safe space for all people . . . a combination of inclusivity and diversity . . . a place where we can be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

– Y Member

The skills that my children are developing now are going to serve them for the rest of their lives — important things like empathy, sharing, self-awareness, independence, teamwork, and resiliency (and so much more of course). I’m grateful that I have child care I can trust. 

– Y Child Care Parent

I am a widowed mom of a kindergartener and a caregiver for an individual with disabilities who lives with us. Especially during the pandemic, it has been challenging to find things we can do together in accessible spaces. When we toured the Y I found a place that was designed with accessibility in mind. All the staff have been kind, helpful, and inclusive. This space and all of you gave our family something we’d been needing for a long time. We are so grateful. 

– Y Member

It takes a village 

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without help from our generous donors and community partners. Watch the videos below to see how, together, we support a community and help so many to learn, grow, and thrive—today and tomorrow.

2022 Annual Meeting

Missed the 2022 Annual Meeting? Click here to view a recording.

This event was supported by our community partner:

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