Enjoy Time in the Aquatics Center

Fit and Fun for Life

At the Y, you can learn to swim, join a swim team, and use our pools to get fit or have fun in a friendly, caring environment. Y swim programs and aquatic fitness classes emphasize safety, skill building, and how to enjoy water activities for a lifetime.


Just want to come do some laps in the Lap Pool, or swim in our warm Program Pool? Click the button below for the aquatics schedule.

Camp Splash

Free, life-saving, 3 day summer water safety classes.

Reserve Time for Family Swim

To help deliver the best experience in the Program Pool and ensure occupancy is comfortable, reservations are required for Family Swim.

Pool + Sauna Rules

  1. RESPECT others — swimmers must shower on the pool deck before entering the pool.
  2. Take CARE and walk on the pool deck — no street shoes are allowed on the pool deck.
  3. Be RESPONSIBLE and don’t dive in the pool. The pool is shallow, spinal injuries can occur.
  4. Be HONEST and swim with your children who are under the age of 12.  Parents leaving children over 12 years alone in the pool area must notify the lifeguard.
  5. Be RESPONSIBLE, children who are non-swimmers must have an adult in the water with them at all times.
  6. Be RESPECTFUL of our rule prohibiting the use of inflatable devices in the pool. We have Coast Guard approved flotations devices for use, but please feel free to bring your own.
  7. Be RESPONSIBLE when using YMCA equipment. Use of all equipment is under the discretion of the lifeguard.
  8. Be CAREFUL by refraining from any underwater distance swimming.
  9. Be RESPECTFUL and refrain from dunking, pushing, or rough play.
  10. All members are required to be HONEST, CARING, RESPECTFUL, AND RESPONSIBLE in working with the lifeguards and reinforcing these rules.

• Maximum 15 minute time limit.

• Swimsuits or athletic gym shorts are required in the sauna. Showers are required before entering. Remove all jewelry.

• Children under age 13 are not permitted in the sauna. Ages 13-17 may use with adult supervision.

• This is a DRY sauna. Do not pour water over coals.

• CAUTION: Use of the sauna increases pulse rate and body temperature, and can be dangerous to those with health problems.

• Pregnant women, elderly persons, and those with heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure should not enter the sauna without permission from their doctor.

• Do not use while under the influence of alcohol, or medications that cause drowsiness or lower blood pressure.

• Long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting.

Every child should be safe around water

Did you know that the Y provides free water safety classes to hundreds of kids every year? Through partnerships with community organizations — and donors like you — our goal is to make sure our community is free from accidental drownings.