Caregiver + Child Lessons

First Plunge

Swim Lessons for ages 6-36 months

Our Shrimp/Kipper/Inia, Perch, Perch Plus, and Parent Pike classes use the bond between caregiver and child to create a safe and welcoming environment. Classes focus on comfort, balance, and movement and are designed to allow the children to have fun in the water while caregivers guide them through skills such as bubble blowing, kicking, paddling, and jumping. Games and songs are used to create a fun atmosphere and help children feel comfortable in the pool. One adult must accompany each child in the water. Children that are not potty trained must wear a proper swim diaper. There is no swim lesson evaluation required; please register by age. All classes are 30 minutes long.

Spring: (7 week session) runs April 29 – June 16.
Member registration opens April 9.
Non-Member registration opens April 15.

Summer 1: (6 weeks) runs 6/17 – 7/28 
Member registration opens May 27, Non-Member registration opens June 3

Summer 2: (4 weeks) runs 7/29 – 8/25 
Member registration opens July 8, Non-Member registration opens July 15

Shrimp / Kipper / Inia

For children from 6-18 months, this class introduces parents and their infants to the pool and allows beginning swimmers to progress from water adjustment to basic skills. Instruction helps caregivers work with their children and focuses upon creating a fun time for all through water games, songs, and basic movements.


This class continues to provide the highest quality of early water experiences for children from 19-36 months. Children will work towards swimming independently with support from both the instructor and their caregiver while continuing to develop safety skills and early swimming skills through games, song, and playful instruction.

Perch Plus

For children from 29-36 months, Perch Plus is for children that have completed one session of Perch. Caregivers remain in the water with children as instructors work towards preparing children for Parent Pike or even Pike 1. This class is for our more advanced, younger swimmers who are demonstrating bubble blowing skills and swimming independently with flotation and limited caregiver support.

Parent Pike

This transitional class is for children who are not ready to be without an adult caregiver in the water and introduces skills to the child and adult together. By graduation day, the caregiver is out of the water and children are comfortable on their own. One adult must accompany each child.