Cardio + Strength Equipment

Welcome to the Wellness Floor

No matter what type of workout you’re looking for, we’ve got what you need to keep it varied and fun!
Top-of-the-line cardio + strength equipment and a variety of free weights and functional training areas — it’s easy to find your strength at the Y.

Matrix Cardio Equipment

15 treadmills, 5 stair climbers, 5 ellipticals, 4 recumbent bikes, 4 upright bikes 

It’s easy to start with the basics on our cardio equipment, but these high-tech machines have capabilities that make cardio FUN! 
Exercise virtually in locations around the world. Run in New Zealand perhaps? 
Connect to Netflix, solitaire, social media, etc. Watch your shows while you walk! 
Utilize Sprint 8: built-in interval training for maximum results, in minimum time! Read more about Sprint 8
Join a virtual spin class any time through iFit.
Connect to our Y app (and log-in to store workouts, etc.) 

Need more cardio variety? We also have two rowers, Keiser spin bikes, an octane lateral elliptical, sci fit seated elliptical, and hand cycle. Ask one of our Y floor staff if you’d like some help getting started!

Cybex Strength Machines

11 machines in a group formation for easy circuit rotation

Did you know that muscle mass starts to decrease in your late 20s? Selectorized strength training equipment provides the least intimidating resistance training option for beginners, who are able to customize the fit and weight options easily.

Many of these machines are wheelchair accessible with a seat that swings away. They also include a QR code that takes you to a video on equipment function!

According to a 2023 Washington Post article, an international study showed that doing these 6 resistance exercises just once a week will make you stronger: chest press, pull down, leg press, abdominal flex, back extension, hip adbuction/adduction.

Tips on how to begin safely:
• If you’re new to resistance training, start slow, with low weight.
• When you can easily complete an exercise over 25 times, increase weight.
• Try to reach “volitional failure” with each exercise, so the work feels like about a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. This effort works your muscles enough to prompt them to adapt and strengthen.

Free Weights, Plate-Loaded, and Cable Machines

We have a robust, spacious free weight area, with dumbbell variations from 2.5 – 125 lbs (that go up in 2.5 lb increments until 30 lbs), allowing you to level up slowly and carefully. We also have a variety of kettlebells and other weights in the turf area, and in Studio A.

The wellness floor also includes a variety of unique plate-loaded machines (hip thrust, lateral row, chest press, calf raise, and leg press sled) as well as a large, L shaped cable weight machine.

New to strength training? Ask one of our Y floor staff if you’d like some help getting started safely!

Functional Fitness Area

Our turf area provides more options to your workout, offering:

• pull-up bars
• two landmine rows
• four squat racks
• additional dumbbells ranging from 2.5 – 35 lbs
• two cable towers
• a rope pull
• plyo boxes
• two split squat rollers, and more! 

Fitness Studios

Our beautiful facility, opened in January 2020, offers three dedicated studios for Group Fitness classes.

Studio A: Our largest Studio has a suspension floor and two mirrored walls — making it ideal for high impact classes.
Studio B: This Studio has ballet barres along two walls (one mirrored), and is used primarily for low impact classes.
Studio C: Indoor Cycling Studio, equipped with 28 Keiser spin bikes and MyZone capabilities.

Members are free to use the Studios when no Group Fitness classes are in session. Please check the schedule before entering, and be ready to leave before classes start.

Sign up is required for Group Fitness classes, through our website or mobile app. Please read all about how to sign up, cancel, and our no-show policy on our Group Fitness page.

• Sneakers are required at all times within the Health + Wellness Center.

• Please thoroughly wipe down equipment after use, including all areas that may come into contact with sweat. Please ask staff if you are unsure how a specific piece of equipment should be wiped down.

• Out of respect for others, screaming, grunting, and yelling are not permitted while exercising. Please refrain from excessive noise that may be disruptive to others.

• Do not drop or slam down weights. All exercising and use of equipment should be in a controlled manner.

• Please return all equipment when done with use, including racking of plates and dumbbells.

• Please observe all posted rules.



Access to the second floor is for ages 13 and older. Use by ages 13 -17 is upon approval of the Health + Wellness staff and completion of Teen Wellness Orientation.