Virtual Spanish Classes

Using a conversational approach, students are immersed in courses that progressively build on skills learned. Audiovisual practice with educational, fun activities are used to reinforce listening and speaking skills. Classes are virtual, led by experienced instructor Maigualida Rak (see below for bio) and meet online once weekly for 6 weeks. A book will be utilized throughout the lessons and is available for purchase online (~$15). For ages 15+. Stay tuned — we expect to be starting a new session of Spanish classes soon!

Questions? Contact Flora Dewar, Youth & Family Coordinator, at [email protected] or 802-652-8158.


Beginner students will learn to understand, communicate and express themselves in spoken and written Spanish, using a simple language in realistic daily situations and cultural aspects.



Intermediate students will learn to understand and express themselves in everyday different situations with complex linguistic structures, still controlled, doing so with fluency and in a spontaneous way.



Advanced students will learn to express themselves in a suitable form in any situation, controlling linguistic and cultural elements of a native speaker and discerning meaningful nuances.



$160 for Y members, $190 for non-Y participants

All classes will be taught online in groups no larger than 4. Students will purchase their own book (~$15).

Instructor Bio

Maigualida Rak /my gwah lee dah/, Professor Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela and a Master’s degree in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) from Saint Michael’s College, is a skilled, published, Native Spanish Instructor and Classroom Action Researcher with 36 years dedicated experience imparting lessons to a variety of ages, levels and language competencies. Teaching in Vermont for the past 10 years, Maigualida is creative and resourceful in coordinating and implementing an arts-infused and objective-driven Spanish program. With incredible reviews and very happy students, she is proficient in classroom management, as well as in the use of modern teaching techniques. Maigualida has in-depth knowledge of creating an interactive atmosphere for students in order to expedite learning.