Maggie’s Story

Maggie’s Story

“I am Y” tells the stories of Y members and staff and the transformative power of community. This is the Maggie’s story:

Maggie, daughter: “I first joined the swim team and I eventually started working at the Y as a lifeguard. I love the competition of swimming, racing people, and racing my own times. I made Y nationals two years in a row, and now I’m training for the Olympic trials while applying to college.”

Anne, mom: “Maggie’s swim coach Jacsen has been a huge support to our family. He’s seen us through a lot of difficult times, and Maggie has continued to have success because of her relationship with him. I’ve never seen a swim coach like Jacsen.”

Maggie: “He’s not just handing you a piece of paper with what you have to do. He’s talking to you, having conversations with you, asking you about your day, asking you how your life is going. It’s comforting to find that in a swim coach. I keep improving. My turns are much better since Jacsen started coaching me. My times improved dramatically over the past few years.”

Michael, father: “We have seen a lot of progress and development. Maggie loves to compete. She has a desire to win, a desire to improve herself. She’s got that discipline. Swimming has given her an opportunity to apply that in a way that’s focused and that appeals to her, and gives her a great structure and framework to work with.

“Jacsen collaborates with her and with us. He was the one who set the goal of making Y nationals. Maggie did the work, and her times dropped, and she made Y nationals last year. She returned this year. Dropped her times even further. The performance she had on the breaststroke was just astonishing, dropped three seconds. That just doesn’t happen.”

Maggie: “This year, I made it in three events – 50 free, 100 free, and 100 breast – which is huge.”

Michael: “All that is proof of the work and of the relationship. We’ve collaborated with Jacsen on her college search. He’s been there to counsel us about what we should look for. His advice and insights are enormously helpful, not just in her competitive world, but also in life.”

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