Dynamo Swim Team Fall & Winter Season

General Information

Dynamo is a fall and winter competitive swim team for youth, teens and adults. Our short course season runs from October through March with all meets held in 25-yard pools. We are an open and balanced team that serves swimmers from first time team members to national competitors. We are a competitive team at heart; but want each swimmer to grow at the speed that is right for them regarding the amount of practice and competition.

YMCA membership is not required to swim with Dynamo. YMCA membership fees can be found on the web at gbymca.org or at Member Services. 

Jr. Age Group 9 & Under

Junior Age Group practice is designed for our 9 and Under swimmers who can swim 100 yards of freestyle, 50 yards of backstroke and breaststroke and 25 yards of butterfly. The program focuses on improving stroke beauty and efficiency and building endurance. Practices are offered 8 times per week for 1.25 hours per practice. We also offer an introductory program called Stroke School for swimmers who are new to swim team, click here for more information.

Season Dates: October 16, 2017- March 23, 2018

Practice Options: Monday – Thursday 3:30-4:45pm and Monday-Thursday 5:30-6:45pm

Cost: 2 Day option per month: $90 Members/$108 Non-Members

          3 Day option per month: $132 Members/ $150 Non-Members

**Must pick days in advance during registration**

Age Group 9-12y.o.

Age Group practice is designed for swimmers who can swim 100 yards of freestyle, 50 yards of backstroke and breaststroke and 25 yards of butterfly. The program focuses on improving stroke beauty and efficiency, endurance building and learning the technical aspects of competitive swimming. Practices are offered 8 times per week for 1.75 hours per practice.

Season Dates: October 16, 2017- March 23, 2018

Practice Options: Monday – Thursday 3:30-5:15pm and Monday-Thursday 5:30-7:15pm

Cost: 2 Day option per month: $110 Members/$128 Non-Members

          3 Day option per month: $153 Members/ $169 Non-Members

**Must pick days in advance during registration**

Seniors 12-18y.o.

Senior Swim Team is the highest level of Dynamo and is designed for our older competitive swimmers. The goal is to prepare swimmers for meet competition through specific and focused training. Advanced swimmers work all four strokes in both distance and sprint-based workouts. Dryland and strength training are key parts of the workout and are delivered through an app that personalizes the exercises each swimmer does. We expect swimmers to be making at least 3 practices a week and competing in most scheduled meets.  Practices are offered 9 times per week for 2.25 hours per practice.

Season Dates: October 16, 2017- March 23, 2018

Practice Options: Monday – Thursday 3:30-5:45pm,  Monday-Thursday 5:30-7:45pm, Wednesday 6:30-8:00am

Cost: Per month: $189 Members/$209 Non-Members

Season Calendar

Swim Meet Calendar

Date Location Registration Due Date
10/22/17 GMA St. Michaels College 10/17/17
11/5/17 GMA St. Michaels College 10/26/17
11/10-12/17 UVAC White River Jct. 9/25/17
12/1-3/17 UVAC White River Jct. 10/16/17
12/16/17 12 & Under Only at UVAC White River Jct. 10/30/17
1/5-7/18 GMA St. Michaels College 12/18/17
1/14/18 CVSC Norwich University 11/27/17
1/26-28/18 13+ Only at UNH 12/4/17
2/4/18 GMA St. Michaels College 1/29/18
2/9-11/18 Regional Champs UVAC White River Jct. 1/25/18
2/24-25/18 10 & Under Age Group Champs at University of NH TBA
3/2-4/18 15-18 Age Group Champs Worcester Polytechnic Institute TBA
3/8-11/18 11-14 Age Group Champs Boston University TBA
3/16-18/18 Silver Champs UVAC White River Jct. 3/1/18

Holidays with no practice

November 23 (Thanksgiving)

December 25 & 26 (Christmas)

January 1 (New Years)

Holidays with limited practices

November 22 (all swimmers practice 3:30-5:30)

December 27 & 28

Team Events

Updates through email during season

Payment & Other Fees

This year you will have the option to pay monthly or for the entire 6 month season. To pay monthly you will need to provide a bank account or credit card information for the monthly draft.

The monthly fees include a pair of silicone Dynamo swim caps with the swimmers name on it, a piece of team gear, coaching at practices and meets, Bridge Athletic dryland program, and practice gear like kickboards, pull buoys, flippers and paddles.

USA Swimming Registration ($76 per season) is separate from swim team fees and is required to compete in meets. Each swim meet has an entry and per-race fee associated with it. If swimmers are eligible for free/reduced school lunch or Dr. Dynasaur/Medicaid then they are eligible for a USA Swimming scholarship which reduces the USA Swimming Registration fee to $5 per season and covers the cost of swim meet entry fees and races that they participate in. Please connect with the Head Coach, Jacsen, to get the necessary forms.

Financial assistance for monthly cost is available for those families who qualify. Click here to apply.

Guidelines and Expectations for Practice

Swimmers are expected to follow the guidelines in order to sustain a safe and fun environment for everyone.  If swimmers do not follow guidelines the coaches will directly communicate with the swimmer and request behavior they expect from the swimmer. If the swimmer chooses not to modify their behavior after this request the coach will communicate with the parent or guardian and ask for additional assistance to help the swimmer modify their behavior.

  1. Arrive on time to practice (if you are late please check-in with a coach before getting in the pool)
  2. Stay on deck for all of your practice time
  3. Always walk on the pool deck
  4. When you arrive to practice please stay out of the water until a coach tells you otherwise (swimmers will need to be dry for the beginning of practice activities)
  5. If you arrive and you are not ready to participate please communicate with a coach about what is going on and formulate a plan.
  6. Swimmers and coaches should communicate with each other using kind and thoughtful words and by making direct requests.
  7. Swimmers are asked to speak to and treat each other with respect by using kind, thoughtful words and by making direct requests.
  8. Diving is not permitted in the lap pool. Swimmers must enter feet first.
  9. Splashing each other, other swimmers in the pool, coaches, lifeguards, or other people on deck is not acceptable.
  10. Swimmers are not to hang on or pull on the lane lines as they can break.
  11. Swimmers should keep hands to themselves, unless they are directed otherwise by a coach.
  12. Take out and return equipment for each practice.
  13. Please treat the team equipment with the same respect that you would treat a favorite toy or possession.
  14. Let a coach know before going to the bathroom or getting water.
  15. Swimmers should start and finish at the walls.
  16. Respect and follow all directions of coaches and lifeguards. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you need clarification on directions.
  17. Locker Room and Lobby Expectations:
    1. Walk
    2. Use inside voices
    3. Place all belonging in a locker for the duration of practice
    4. Use showers and soap responsibly
    5. Treat the YMCA and other members with respect
    6. For additional help, talk to a coach, YMCA Staff member, lifeguard, or parent
Swim Meets

See meet schedule in season calendar tab above.

All swimmers are encouraged to compete. Swim meets are fun and provide a chance for the team to achieve their goals together.  Meets provide individual swimmers with a goal to work towards and a chance to see the progress that their work has reaped.

At any meet it is important that the swimmer receive unconditional support from their family and the coaches.  This means being ready with a big smile and a warm towel at the end of every swim regardless of what happened in the water.

We compete in 8 meets between November and February and then there are 1-3 Championship meets in February and March depending on if swimmers times qualify them for those meets. Swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming, which is a separate fee of $76 per season and registration forms will be sent out at the beginning of each season. Individual meet registrations will be done online with swimmers choosing the events they want to swim and the links to registration will be sent out a few weeks before they are due back to the coach. Swim meets are broken up into sessions with only some age group competing in the morning and other competing in the afternoon, the times of which will be specified in the meet registrations.

Meet fees are separate from the regular registration fees and vary from meet to meet but information will be included in each individual meet registration. Meet registrations must be cancelled more than seven days in advance of the meet of fees will not be refunded. Swimmers travel to and from meets with their families. While at meets only swimmers and coaches are allowed on the pool deck but swimmers are welcome to spend time in the stands with their families.

Equipment Needs

Required: practice swim suit and goggles, gym shoes and shorts for dryland time

Recommended: swim cap (to keep hair out of face and help keep goggles on), water bottles, racing suit (for older competitive swimmers)

Team Provides: kickboards, pullbuoys, flippers, paddles and other varied equipment. Each swimmer will also be offered a small basket that is kept at the front desk where they can leave their goggles, caps, suits, water bottles and other small person effects.


Pomerleau Family Y
266 College Street
Burlington, VT 05401
802 862 9622 (YMCA)

Y Annex
298 College Street
Burlington, VT 05401
802 862 9622 (YMCA)

Camp Abnaki
1252 Abnaki Road
North Hero, VT
802 372 9622 (YMCA)

Additional Program Sites
in Vermont

Addison, Franklin, Grand Isle, Washington and Chittenden Counties