While at Camp

Thank you for your trust in us

A week or two at camp can be life changing.  We look forward to getting to know your campers while they are at camp.  A few important things to know….

  • Camp Abnaki is a technology free camp.  Please leave any phones, tablets or other electronic devices at home.  The one exception is a camera.  Spending time outside, without technology enables the campers and staff to be creative, appreciate our natural environment, and form strong bonds with each other.
  • Campers are delivered mail on a daily basis after lunch. We pick up packages and mail from the local post office every morning.  If you send campers mail through your online account, we will print them every morning after breakfast at 8:30am.  Click here to send an e-mail to a camper at camp.
  • We have a secure photo gallery for parents and family to see photos of camp.  Click here to check out the photo gallery.
  • Check in is Sunday from 2-4 pm.  The best time to check in is around 3pm. The line will be much shorter halfway through.  Please park in the field when you arrive and follow the signs to the Admin Building.  It is our goal to have a quick, yet thorough check in.  Our accreditation requires us to do a health screen on each camper and have a short meeting with the nurse if you have any medications.  Thank you for your patience during these functions. After checking in at the Admin Building you will proceed to your village to meet your campers counselors and move into your cabin.
  • Check out is Saturday from 9:00 to 11:30am.  Please park in the same parking area as Check In.  You can then proceed to the village to pick up your camper.  You will have time to talk with your camper’s counselors and walk around camp if you like. After you pick up your camper in the village head to the camp store to finish checking out.  You will recieve e-mails before and after the session with more details about check in and check out.

Camp Birthdays

If your camper’s birthday falls during his stay at camp, we are excited to prepare a cake for them to share with their cabin or Day Camp peers.  After lunch the whole overnight camp will sing them “Happy Birthday” and their cabin will share a cake.   Day Campers will also sing “Happy Birthday” and share a cake after lunch on their birthday.

First Time Campers

If your camper is a first time camper it is our policy to have one of our staff call you within the first few days of camp.  This “First Time Camper Call” is traditionally done by the Senior Counselor or Village Leader.  The Village Leader will check in with you during check in to verify the best phone number and time to call.

Health Care

Camper and staff safety is paramount at camp.  Our health services team of an RN and EMT support our staff in ensuring that campers have a safe and healthy camp experience.  During check in any parent/guardian will have a chance to meet the camp nurse.  While at camp, all medication is kept in the Health Center and administered by the health services staff.  If for any reason your camper requires additional medical attention or has an extended stay in the health center, you will be contacted by a member of our staff as soon as possible. Click here to add a medication to your campers’ health form.

Camp is a “Nut Aware” facility. Peanuts and tree nuts are allowed on camp except for the Dining Hall. We ask that you please be aware of potential nut allergies when bringing/sending products with nuts to camp. The Dining Hall will not produce food made with nuts and is a nut free area. Some foods in the dining hall may be produced in a setting that processes nuts (IE… Hershey’s bars, etc). Items containing nuts may be sold in the camp store (pre-packaged).