Men’s Basketball League

Vermont’s longest running basketball league is getting ready to return for the 2018-2019 season. Games are played Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8:00-10:00pm. The season starts December 4th and is anticipated to finish on April 25th (including playoffs).

Do you have a team interested in being a part of this season? Are you a player looking to find a team to join? Reach out to Paul Garwood at the Y by email at or give him a call at 802-652-8182.

As the league approaches opening day tip off, we will have a better idea of our capacity to take on new teams or individuals.



Please watch this space for a complete season schedule once the teams are set and the schedule locked in. Games are played Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8-10pm and the season will start December 4th.


Please keep an eye on the bulletin board in the gymnasium for the up-to-date standings!

  1. There are two 20-minutes running time halves. The clock will stop within the last two minutes of the second half.
  2. (3) Time-outs per game you can only carry over (2) two time outs to the second half. No carryover of any time outs into overtime. Each team will be awarded (1) one time-out in OT.
  3. Five personal fouls per game will result in disqualification from the game.
  4. Point of emphasis on “Hard Fouls”, which will result in two free throws and possession.
  5. Sportsmanship is expected and is the responsibility of every player. Any complaining or trash talking will be penalized.
  6. If a player is ejected from a game, mandatory (2) two game suspension and a meeting with league director before reinstatement. Second ejection will result in dismissal from league. All ejections must leave gym before play resumes.
  7. Players must play in 50% of the league games in order to qualify for the playoffs. Each team will be allowed two-medical replacements if it is necessary.
  8. All rosters will be sealed as of December 3rd.  Rosters must have uniform numbers listed with the player names. No handwritten rosters will be accepted.
  9. All teams must wear their jersey/uniform during game play.
  10. Bonus awarded on 7 team fouls and double bonus on 10 team fouls.  Players may not enter the lane until the ball has hit the rim.
  11. All substitutions must report to the scorer’s table.



Pomerleau Family Y
266 College Street
Burlington, VT 05401
802 862 9622 (YMCA)

Camp Abnaki
1252 Abnaki Road
North Hero, VT
802 372 9622 (YMCA)

Additional Program Sites
in Vermont

Addison, Franklin, Grand Isle, Washington and Chittenden Counties