Top 10 Photos of 2023

Joyful Explorers

On a sunny day, Y preschool kids, dressed in colorful outfits, joyfully pose for the camera, capturing the simple joy of being together. Engaged in their community, these little explorers lay the foundation for future learning, highlighting the importance of fostering curiosity and connections in formative years. This photo exemplifies the Y’s commitment to providing young minds with opportunities for exploration and growth in their earliest educational experiences. 

Meeting Goals!

We love this photo of Y staff member Jervaughn Scales guiding a member through a personalized training session. This photo captures a moment of focused collaboration—Y staff like Jervaughn work hard each day to cultivate a supportive environment for all Y members and program participants to meet their goals. This image highlights the importance of wellness and the positive impact it has on both body and mind.  

Giggles + Splashes

In this delightful photo, a new swimmer explores the wonder of water under the watchful gaze of her adoring parent. Amidst giggles and splashes, the duo embraces the importance of early water safety education, fostering a love for aquatic activities. At the Y, people of all ages learn not only to enjoy the water but also essential water safety skills. Every splash is a lesson in joy, safety, and in this case, the unbreakable bond between a parent and their water-loving explorer. Here, the Y shapes not just swimmers but a lifelong appreciation for aquatic adventures. 

Artful Collaboration

In this image, a group of young people admire the new mural they helped design at the Y. Spearheaded by the Juniper Creative Arts collective—comprising Will Kasso Condry, Jennifer Herrera Condry, and Alexa Herrera Condry—the project unfolded with a youth-led brainstorming session. Young people shared their dreams, fears, and life experiences, shaping the mural’s design elements. People of all ages then joined to paint shapes for the mural. Finally, Juniper meticulously brought the mural to life, painting the details and integrating the community-made art. This photo beautifully captures the collaboration between young minds and skilled artists, radiating a sense of accomplishment as their collective creativity adorns the Y’s walls. 

Summer Anticipation

At the water’s edge, a group of summer campers eagerly anticipates the STEM challenge ahead – the Float Your Boat Regatta. Seated by the lake, they prepare to craft boats and test their buoyancy. Every year in Y summer camps, hands-on learning meets the joy of discovery. It’s wonderful to see young minds engaging in a STEM adventure by the water, as the lake becomes a canvas for nautical experimentation! 

Healthy Habits Take Flight

In butterfly capes, two youngsters twirl and leap with delight in the Y’s dance and gymnastics program, where healthy habits take flight early. This photo encapsulates the joy of movement and imaginative expression as these little dancers embody the essence of youthful energy and wellness. Through creative activities, the Y instills a love for physical activity, nurturing not only their coordination and strength but also fostering a positive relationship with a healthy lifestyle from a young age. In these fluttering capes, the Y’s program becomes a colorful space where wellness and fun seamlessly intertwine, shaping healthy habits for life. 

Strategy . . . And A Little Laughter

Amidst the strategy of chess, two kids in the Y’s afterschool program add a playful twist, making funny faces at the camera. The photo captures the lighthearted spirit of learning, blending chess lessons with laughter. In this engaging environment, the Y not only cultivates young minds in the game of strategy but also infuses joy into the process. The chessboard becomes a canvas for both concentration and shared amusement, highlighting the Y’s commitment to fostering a love for learning in a fun and interactive way. It’s a candid moment where learning meets laughter, creating a vibrant afterschool experience. 

Always The Right Age

In the pool, a Y instructor guides a student through swim strokes, highlighting the simple joy of learning water safety at any age. The photo captures a practical moment where skills are shared in a relaxed environment. Amidst the water, the Y’s commitment to teaching essential safety becomes clear. The satisfaction of gaining new abilities combines with the importance of water safety education. Instructor and learner collaborate naturally, emphasizing that the joy of acquiring vital skills is accessible to everyone. It’s a wonderful snapshot of shared progress and camaraderie! 

What A Day!

At the Y’s inaugural Kids Fest, a beaming family proudly displays their collaborative artistic creation. In the festive atmosphere, families unite to celebrate not only artistic expression but also the importance of a safe and healthy community. Alongside many valued community partners, the Y’s commitment to family engagement shines through, creating a space where creativity intertwines with the values of wellness and safety.

Slide Into Fun

At summer camp joy takes a slide! A delighted girl descends with giggles, met at the bottom by a dedicated Y camp counselor, ready to play. The photo captures the essence of carefree moments and genuine connections. In the spirited ambiance, the camp counselor becomes a beacon of fun, fostering a sense of belonging and friendship. The slide becomes a symbol of shared adventures, where the Y’s commitment to creating memorable experiences for young hearts is vividly evident. It’s a snapshot of care, laughter, and the magic of summer camp.